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CRADLE device is ready to rock: the first semi-automatic vital signs alert specifically for pregnancy

CRADLE device is ready to rock:  the first semi-automatic vital signs alert specifically for pregnancy

On International Women's Day, we are excited to announce Maternova’s newest addition to our groundbreaking obstetric and neonatal health products: CRADLE Vital Signs Alert by Microlife. The Vital Signs Alert is the first device specifically designed to measure heart rate and blood pressure for pregnant women. There have been extensive trials and field testing that have proven both the effectiveness of the VSA, and the ease of use in low-resource settings. It has also been approved by the World Health Organization and was recognized as one of thirty high impact innovations in global health by a PATH-led award. Needless to say, we are thrilled to be the distributor of Vital Signs Alert and begin spreading this high-impact innovation. Three of the most common causes of death during pregnancy are severe bleeding, infection, and blood pressure disorders, all of which are correlated with abnormal vital signs. More specifically, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia cause 10-15% of all maternal deaths, and high blood pressure is the most telling symptom. Pre-eclampsia can be managed with medication until the baby is delivered, after which symptoms usually resolve. However,pre-eclampsia cannot be managed if it is not detected. Using the VSA, it is easy to see if a pregnant woman has abnormal vital signs and requires further attention. A unique feature facilitating the ease of use is the traffic signal warnings (red, yellow and green lights to indicate risk level), so even if the device is not used by a medically trained health worker, it will be easy to tell if a pregnant woman is at risk. We at Maternova are eager to incorporate the VSA into our product portfolio so we can continue to move towards a world with safer pregnancies and healthier newborns.

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Owen Bero
Owen Bero

November 08, 2016

I would like to have a quotation for 100 CRADLE VSA BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR

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