FAQ about Maternova

We are a women's health solutions company accelerating access to innovations. Maternova is a leading expert in maternal and newborn health, with a focus on medical devices, diagnostics and medical nutrition products that are appropriate for high-risk populations in the U.S. and overseas.

  • We partner with select labs, entrepreneurs and innovators to accelerate commercialization of their products to a global market
  • We build domain expertise through our network 50,000 strong, listening to needs in the field and marketing and selling proven technologies
  • We partner with corporates to provide access to our unique distribution channel and combine products into solution sets 
  • We develop our own solutions, including NovaVeil, a novel personal protective apparel to prevent vector borne illness.

How long has Maternova been operating?

We were incorporated in May 2009. We evolved to become a research marketplace in early 2011 in response to users and we initiated sales in 2012 with an introductory midwifery kit focused on postpartum hemorrhage.  By 2015 we had started an e-commerce marketplace with more than 15 innovations.  By 2020 we continued to expand into nutrition and child health and to carry more than 45 evidence-based innovations, many with the Maternova brand.

Who are your customers?

Our customers include private hospitals, non-profits, humanitarian organizations, governments and research institutions around the world.  We have sold into 50 countries including the Madagascar, U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Haiti, Germany, the UK, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Bangladesh and Australia.  We sell to procurement agencies and procurement officials who equip frontline physicians, nurses, midwives and community health workers in low and middle income countries.  We also sell in the U.s>

Why don’t you cover other aspects of global health?

We started with maternal and newborn health because it has previously been overshadowed by other global health issues. As our model began to yield results for maternal/neonatal health, we expanded to women's health more broadly.   Initial expansion has begun into nutrition and child health.

What about clinical algorithims and procedures?

Maternova started with devices and technologies because there is so much going on in this area and no single trusted source for procuring, researching and reviewing medical technologies.   We plan to expand into training for techniques, procedures and protocols.  

What kind of entity are you?

Maternova is a C-corporation.  We also have a platinum rating for social impact from a B-lab rating review.  Maternova is a social enterprise, a mission-driven company structured to operate in the global health commercial markets but driven by an unyielding social and public health mission--to save more maternal and newborn lives more quickly.  

What is your business model?

Maternova licenses medical devices and diagnostics or develops exclusive distribution agreements with innovators.  We then use our unique channels to accelerate market entry in emerging markets and sell to governments, hospitals and humanitarian organizations around the world. We understand the markets for medical products in low- and middle-income countries and keep our margins low and our shipping and logistics streamlined and low-cost.

How are you different from other organizations in maternal and newborn health?

There are many terrific organizations that have done advocacy and research to bring maternal and newborn health issues to the fore around the globe. There are also dozens of scientists and innovators developing new technologies for global health. But there is only one trusted online marketplace curating, evaluating and selling these devices and diagnostics.  Maternova has domain expertise in public health, epidemiology, biotech, health systems, health financing, medical logistics, obstetrics and neonatology.  Coupled with our understanding of the unique needs of clinics, hospitals, governments and humanitarian organizations, we are the only company sourcing, vetting, selling and providing end to end logistics for medical products being used in the most remote settings around the world. 

For which product(s) and specialties are you known?

Our signature innovation is the NASG, non pneumatic anti shock garment to stop postpartum hemorrhage and reduce maternal mortality. We have worked with midwives and physicians from around the world, from Cameroon to Haiti.  While we started with a focus on obstetrics and hemorrhage, we have a deep understanding of the underlying causes of poor health outcomes, including micronutrient deficiencies, acute malnutrition, anemia, neglected tropical disease infections, infectious diseases and poverty. 

How are you funded?

Maternova has been funded through a combination of our own revenue, equity crowdfunding and true impact angel investors and funds.