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MaternaWell Tray


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Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), defined by the WHO as blood loss greater than or equal to 500ml within 24 hours after birth,is the leading cause of maternal deaths in low and middle income countries, resulting in over 3 million DALYs globally every year. 

An estimated 54-93% of this mortality is preventable. Current PPH management emphasizes prevention and treatment, but often omits the critical role of timely diagnosis. Existing diagnosis relies on visual estimation of blood loss combined with vital signs monitoring; these methods are subjective and often result in treatment delays. 

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Blood loss measurement is theorized to lead to early PPH diagnosis and subsequent treatment, ultimately improving outcomes. In collaboration with southern Africa-based OBGYN Dr. Justus Hofmeyr, Mb BCh MRCOG, we are developing a blood loss monitoring device (BLMD) to facilitate early detection of PPH. Equalize Health expects to bring this innovation to market by Q4 2023. 


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NovaVeil Mosquito Protective Apparel with Novel Biorepellent Technology

mosquito and tick biorepellent in textile innovation

Novaveil is a novel textile innovation that allows a bio-repellent that is highly effective against mosquitoes and ticks to bind to fabric at the molecular level.

Maternova is commercializing this technology for use in infant products and pregnancy apparel in areas where vector-borne illness (malaria, dengue, EEE, West Nile) is a persistent threat to health during the daytime.  

The NovaVeil textile is still active (repelling mosquitoes and ticks) even after 80+ washings.  We have worked with labs and with field sites to assess user acceptability and compliance with wearing the textile.  The cotton fabric is odorless and thus much more amenable to compliance than a bug spray that goes on the skin or clothing.  Field tests with Americares in El Salvador and New Life Birthing Centers in Uganda and Ethiopia. 

NovaVeil protective apparel has been tested in Uganda, El Salvador and Ethiopia with groups of pregnant women who are part of a catchment area for both rural and urban antenatal care clinics. The user acceptability was extremely high in all settings.


Maternova is a proud recipient of Grand Challenges Stars in Global Health status and funding for our work with this novel technology.

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