Our Expertise

health_expertise Evidence-Based Public Health Expertise

Maternova is defined by the team's expertise in public health, medical technology and shipping and logistics.  Our team, including our Scientific Advisors, has unparalleled expertise in the field of maternal health,  reproductive health, neonatal health, child health and nutrition. We track hundreds of innovations in global health, and offer evidence-based, curated solutions that have been proven in clinical trials and which have stringent regulatory approval.   

In short, our objective is to supply your team with the right products, tailored to the appropriate health system and the appropriate level of health provider, from obstetrician to midwife to nurse to community health worker.

We comply with FDA, EC and other international manufacturing, sales and quality control requirements.  Ethical production and commerce are at the center of our business model.


health_care_markets Low and Middle Income Country Health Care Markets

We understand global health and the complexities of budgets, tenders, governments and private sector needs.  Our specialty lies in appropriate technologies for low- and middle-income country health systems, understanding the tiers of health systems from tertiary hospitals to referral hospitals to last mile clinics.  We work with you and your team to select the right products for the right use case in your health system.  

Maternova's team never compromises on quality, understanding that 'appropriate' technologies must deliver over time in the most austere settings.


Customizable_Manufacturing Customizable Manufacturing and Order Sizes

Maternova specializes in mid-sized volumes and customized manufacturing runs of medical devices, diagnostics and nutrition products for health systems globally.  Our decades of research have shown that high minimum order quantities make it hard for health systems and providers to test new products and order for smaller populations.  We make it our aim to deliver the quantities you require in the time allotted. 


trusted_end_to_end_logistics Trusted End to End Logistics

For medical and nutrition products in humanitarian emergencies or for routine tenders, we offer fast turnaround times and end to end logistics oversight. Our team handles manufacturing, shipping (LCL, freight, air cargo using Incoterms and clear communications at each step).   Shipments requiring cold chain or other special handling are seamlessly handled by our team.  We routinely send to all points in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, with shipments as remote as East Timor, Mongolia, Zanzibar and Bolivia.  


Complex_multiproduct_orders Complex multi-product orders

We are adept at handling complex multi-product orders for our customers and consolidating orders for a seamless delivery to a port or an end destination.  A typical client will require four to ten different products in mid- to large volumes, produced in different locations.  Our team oversees the ordering, manufacturing, fulfillment, logistics and shipping of all components of the order, delivering to one final port, facility or end destination.