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Pumani Bubble Cpap

Babies that are born too early, too small or too sick are at high risk of developing respiratory problems. This often means death or life with disabilities in underdeveloped nations, because the access to modern medical devices is very limited. Thankfully, undergrads at Rice 360 Institute for Global Health developed the life-saving medical device: Pumani bubble CPAP. Maternova has partnered with Rice 360 to deliver over 100 Pumani bCPAP devices to Malawi. Over 3,000 Malawian babies have received Pumani bCPAP therapy since the clinical study in 2012. 
The Pumani bCPAP is a low-cost respiratory support device for newborns and children. The Pumani bCPAP is a type of bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (bCPAP) therapy, which is the common mode of treatment for respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) in premature neonates and for respiratory illness in young children. Pumani is extremely durable and low-cost: the only maintenance needed costs one dollar, and it's a simple diaphragm replacement. Even a nurse, midwife or a physician that has never used such device before can be trained within 2 days. The training doesn't end there: the clinician-mentor trains the team on how to diagnose the respiratory condition in neonates, when to use Pumani bCPAP therapy, monitoring the patients and the benefits. Purchase through Maternova and receive unparalleled training and service support as well as discounts for other maternal and newborn health devices. We are  working hard on accelerating awareness and uptake of the Pumani bCPAP and will work with partners to ensure long-standing support and continuing education for those most in need. 

The Pumani bCPAP provides a continuous flow of pressurized air into the patient’s nostrils via nasal prongs which allows the patient’s airway to remain open and prevents the patient’s lungs from collapsing during exhalation. The Pumani bCPAP is designed for patients who weigh between 1 and 10 kg, and it includes an oxygen blender that allows users to provide 21-90% oxygen to the patient. The Pumani bCPAP has tripled the survival rate of neonates born with respiratory distress syndrome. 

The complete Pumani package includes: one Pumani bCPAP device, a user and repair manual, spare parts kit, and a ‘starter kit’ of accessories. Additional accessories are available for sale separately.

Performance Features

The Pumani bCPAP is:

  • Low-cost: costs a fraction of the price of other bCPAPs

  • Easy to use: hospital staff can be trained to use in a day

  • Easy to repair: spare parts and repair instructions included

  • Durable: designed to run continuously for years

  • Effective: provides the same level of therapeutic pressure as other commercial bCPAPs with good clinical results

  • The Pumani bCPAP contains a spare parts kit with items that may break or be misplaced during use.

  • A repair manual is also included with the device. 

El bCPAP Pumani es un respirador de bajo costo para recién nacidos y niños.

El bCPAP Pumani es un tipo de terapia de Presión Positiva Continua en la Vía Aérea de burbuja (bCPAP), un tratamiento tradicional para el síndrome de dificultad respiratoria (RDS) en neonatos prematuros y para enfermedades respiratorias en niños pequeños. El bCPAP Pumani provee un flujo continuo de aire presurizado en las fosas nasales a través de cánulas nasales que permiten mantener abierta la vía área del paciente y evitar así que sus pulmones colapsen durante la exhalación. El bCPAP Pumani está diseñado para pacientes que pesan entre 1 y 10 kg, e incluye un mezclador de oxígeno que permite a los usuarios suministrar un 21-90% de oxígeno al paciente.


El bCPAP Pumani es:

●     de bajo costo: cuesta una fracción del precio de otros bCPAP.

●     fácil de usar: el personal hospitalario puede aprender a usarlo en sólo un día.

●     fácil de reparar: se incluyen piezas de repuesto e instrucciones de reparación.

●     duradero: está diseñado para funcionar continuamente durante años.

●     efectivo: provee el mismo nivel de presión terapéutica que otros bCPAP comerciales con resultados clínicos favorables.

Elementos de mantenimiento y accesorios

El bCPAP Pumani contiene un kit con piezas de repuesto de todo aquello que se puede romper o perder durante el uso. Junto con el dispositivo, se incluye un manual de reparación. El paquete completo del Pumani incluye: un dispositivo bCPAP Pumani, un manual de uso y de reparación, un kit con piezas de repuesto y un “kit de inicio” de accesorios. Los accesorios adicionales se pueden comprar de forma separada.


Total (blended) Flow

0-10 L/min

Oxygen Flow Capability

0-10 L/min


5-8 cm H 2 0



Max Power Consumption

15 Watts

Pumani bCPAP Dimensions

36 cm x 25 cm x 19 cm

Pumani bCPAP Weight

7.5 kg

Full Package Dimensions

48 cm x 38 cm x 31 cm

Full Package Weight

12 kg

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