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The neonatal period is the most vulnerable time for a child’s survival. Maternova recognizes that now is the best time to work on improving the survival rate and health of mothers and children in the developing nations, and providing maternal and child care solutions for the ones most in need. We focus quite a bit on the newborn period because of the vulnerability of newborns and the range of simple interventions that can improve the odds of life and well-being of the child during this critical period (0 to 28 days).  We are also adding a series of child health innovations as well. 

In developing countries, safe childbirth and neonatal care still present a big challenge. When there is a lack of essential medical equipment, both the mothers and the health care workers could benefit from inexpensive but effective curative and preventative solutions that have the potential to save lives.

Maternova’s goal is to research, test and distribute life-saving innovations for maternal and child health care. Some of our innovations are ingeniously simple and practical while others are advanced technology involving sensors and lithium ion batteries, encased in a user-friendly form factor.  

Although professional care during childbirth is crucial, there are other health care needs to consider: such as early identification of dangerous conditions. Our solutions include the Pratt Pouch -  a simple solution that has the potential to stop a large percentage of new HIV infections each year. The Pratt pouch can be given to HIV-exposed infants at home, by the mother. 

Browse our Neonatal solutions and contact us at orders@maternova.net if you have any questions. 


ThermoSpot Stick-On Reusable Newborn Thermoindicators (25 per tin)

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