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Detect Preeclampsia with CRADLE Vital Signs Monitoring Device

Pregnancy specific vital signs monitor specifically calibrated for use by community health workers to detect signs of preeclampsia, sepsis and shock. Developed by UK hypertension experts and tested in multiple clinical trials, this rugged device is essential for all health workers monitoring antenatal care.


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The first validated vital signs monitoring device of pregnant women and for use in lower resource settings. This rugged device is the answer to community-level early detection of preeclampsia, a leading killer of mothers worldwide. Preeclampsia also affects fetuses and newborns, killing approximately 500,000 each year.

The vital signs monitoring device tests both blood pressure AND heart rate, giving a reading that tells a community health worker whether to refer the patient (red light), watch the patient (orange light) or keep the patient (green light).  

Introducing the first of its kind vital signs monitoring device specifically calibrated for use in pregnancy. Used to detect  preeclampsia and shock with a unique 'traffic signal' red-yellow-green light readout. This simple vital signs monitoring device was developed and tested over a decade by King's College in the United Kingdom. Tasked with developing a rugged, reliable way to detect preeclampsia in low-resource settings, the King's College blood pressure experts invented and refined this CRADLE device.

The device has been tested in rigorous clinical trials and adapted for low- and middle-income countries with a target user being a community health worker. The PREEMPT trials were part of a massive set of community- and facility-level efforts to improved the detection and treatment of preeclampsia in low- and middle-income countries.  

Not only does the device alert for signs of preeclampsia, but it has been adapted to test for shock as well.  

Please note, vital signs monitoring device is CE marked, but cannot be shipped into the United States. Please contact us with an alternate address before placing your order


* Handheld semi-automatic vital signs monitoring device 
* Replaces need for blood pressure cuff + stethoscope for those with minimal medical training
* Traffic signal warnings for SHOCK and high blood pressure (red, yellow, green)
* Identifies shock after hemorrhage and high blood pressure due to eclampsia (2 leading causes of maternal death)

Additional details

* A/A grade according to the BHS grading criteria
* Tested extensively in clinical trials in ten countries
* Meets WHO guidelines for use in low resource settings
* Fulfills the standard required by the ANSI/AAMI/ISO protocol.

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