October 28, 2016 1 min read

Eye-catching striped bednets to fight against malaria? Yes, striped Netprotect® LLIN bed nets are the innovation of Soft Power Health in Uganda. We learned of these on the fascinating blog, [BestNet](http://bestnet-blog.com). Jesse Stone has been [featured on CNN](http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/07/world/africa/kayaking-doctor/index.html) and in this amazing photo series called ['Uganda's Kayaking Doctor.'](http://trevorclarkphoto.com/portfolio/essays/uganda-kayaking-doctor). When she came upon this area of Uganda she found that most families were losing a child due to malaria and that no one had access to insecticide treated nets. While you can read more about the organization's outreach, clinic, integration of family planning information and more on [Soft Power Health's site](http://www.softpowerhealth.org/), we are particularly interested in the story of Netprotect® bed nets.

Soft Power Health Uganda subscribes to the philosophy that public health goods are more valuable if they are paid for--even at a subsidized rate. With 55,000 bednets sold since 2006 the proof is in the purchases. The state of the art, technology used in Netprotect® LLINs was developed By Dr. Ole Skovmand of Intelligent Insect Control SARL. The introduction of the bold striped nets dramatically increased the appeal of the bednets to the customer It's such a fascinating example of
brilliant design with a public health impact... and it matches our philosophy: Why not make it beautiful?

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