Partnering with Humanitarian and Developmental Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Maternova identifies life-saving, evidence-based and affordable, maternal neonatal and reproductive health technologies. We are your end-to-end strategic partner in ensuring that the right medical devices reach the health care providers to effectively serve their patients also in low and middle income countries (LMICs) and humanitarian settings. Our team understands the challenges of humanitarian and low resource contexts and demands of non-profit medical work as many of us have worked in these contexts ourselves.

We focus on prequalifying innovations, and shortening the path from certification of the innovation to widespread global access. Maternova handles this process so that your teams can focus on using those devices to improve clinical care as quickly as possible. 

Our nutrition products center on micronutrients and therapeutic foods, because we understand the ways in which anemia and malnutrition drive maternal and newborn morbidity. We work with your nutrition team to identify the nutrition solutions that best meet your budget and public health priority.

Maternova also prequalifies on point-of-care diagnostics that provide immediate, highly sensitive and specific results in an easy-to-read, user-friendly format. Examples include tests for schistosomiasis, hemoglobin and hematocrit measurement, syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. We understand that FDA and CE marking are required, that high sensitivity and specificity are non-negotiable and that quick readouts are critical. 

Maternova focus is on reducing maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity. A growing portfolio of products addresses the correct diagnosis and effective treatment of hemorrhage, eclampsia, and sepsis. Emergency obstetric first aid devices like the NASG and the CRADLE Vital Signs Alert are highly effective and globally recommended.

End to end shipping and logistics to ensure delivery

Our team has spent years determining the shortest, most secure, and least expensive routes for shipping by air and by sea. We contract with preferred shipping companies and negotiate highly discounted rates. We can ship to ports, bonded warehouses or direct to your place of business, depending upon the destination. Our logistics team is certified in supply chain management and is prepared to work with your team for seamless delivery. 

Training and resources to ensure efficient use of technologies

All of our innovations are selected because they show evidence-based improvements of maternal or neonatal mortality and morbidity, are robust also for the use in challenging geographies (heat, dusty environments etc), and are user-friendly. It is easy to learn how to use our innovative devices . However if you like additional training on the use of some of our devices, our clinical team is available: from a few queries to custom-tailored training series to ensure correct use of the product.