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NovaVeil Mosquito Protective Apparel


Coming soon, NovaVeil Kids...the NovaVeil technology made specifically to protect infants and children.

NovaVeil is a new approach to protection against the mosquito and tick.   An odorless textile innovation makes it possible to maintain repellency of clothing for over 80 washes.  We aim to bring the innovation to women, infants, and families everywhere as we innovate new ways to prevent mosquito-borne illness.  The product is available in most countries--and soon in the US as well.

NovaVeil is a labor of love between award-winning Maternova, Inc. a recognized leader in public health solutions for women and newborns, and Brazilian-born, Miami-based award-winning designer Alessandra Gold. The project began with the realization that though the Zika virus rapidly spreading throughout Latin America and the Southern US states, there was no protective apparel solution designed specifically for expectant mothers that is beautifully made, but offers serious protection. As reported by the BBC, we came up with a novel solution for girls and women worldwide.

Please see the NovaVeil  pieces here  to pre-order.

photos courtesy Alessandra Gold

Maternova Inc. is founded by Meg Wirth and Allyson Cote, headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, United States.  Zika is a threat to the health of pregnant women, but also to their peace of mind.  When it became clear a global pain point had emerged, we researched exhaustively until we sourced the only textile created with nanotechnology that binds a permethrin- free repellent to the fabric on a molecular level. What's more, it's washable over fifty times, has no odor, and is safe for pregnant women.

We tested this by launching a trial production run of treated maternity shirts in partnership with our partner Americares.  The shirts have been well received by pregnant women in the poorest sections of El Salvador. Our plans are to continue offering the NovaVeil line at either no or low cost to Latin American distribution partners in the hope of protecting some of the world's most vulnerable women.

Maternova had the technology a pathway to the market, but what we lacked was a skilled and cutting edge designer to create something that had not been done prior to NovaVeil. We reached out to our longtime friend, Alessandra Gold, whose work appears in Vogue, Nylon and Glamour magazines. Currently, Alessandra resides in Miami, Florida, the epicenter of the US Zika invasion. She joined us immediately as our Creative Director and Designer and worked tirelessly to create the first four pieces of the NovaVeil, mosquito-protective clothing line. The textile repels mosquitos which carry Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever and Zika so it does not only reduce the risk of Zika infection but it also reduces the risk of getting infected by other mosquito-borne diseases.

What sets this line apart is the thoughtful construction, and beautiful patterns exclusive to the NovaVeil line. Our first of its kind maternity dress is fitted with interior ties that allow the dress to be let out or cinched to accommodate a growing belly. The hem can be raised or lowered with interior cinching that makes it appropriate for women of all statures. And our first pattern is a gorgeous camouflage print which we hope inspires confidence for any woman wearing it. Our scarfs are also created in lengths to wrap an infant or cover a crib. 

The earliest funding of the NovaVeil, mosquito-protective clothing line was provided through Grand Challenges Canada, in cooperation with Mass General Hospital and their innovation partner CAMtech.  Currently, Maternova is raising the critically needed funding to manufacture a large number of pieces via crowdfunded investment via the new Republic platform! You can see our campaign here to learn more. rnova


 Listen Fashion to Protect Pregnant Women Against Zika on BBC:


Please see the NovaVeil pieces here to pre-order.


Thank you to our investors who invested through the crowdfunding campaign on Republic

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