Logistics and Shipping Expertise | Maternova's Decade of Experience

A Decade of Experience Shipping Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Maternova is dedicated to securing safe, reliable shipping according to the terms requested by the customer.  We understand that for humanitarian groups, hospitals and Ministries of Health, the shipping and logistics costs are often a major barrier.

End to End Shipping and Logistics

We secure the best available shipping rates through partnerships with carriers where we have preferred rates and pass these rates on to the customer.  Our team has over a decade of experience in international shipping over hundreds of routes.  We successfully deliver medical products to points across Asia, Latin America and Africa, reaching the most remote locations securely and safely.

Where possible we choose trusted carriers that are carbon neutral.  

Delivery Terms

Delivery terms and times are specified for each order, usually under Incoterms DAP.  Incoterms are specified on estimates and invoices and negotiated with the customer to meet country and customs demands from the individual country.  We have successfully and efficiently distributed our products into all corners of the globe, from Madagascar to Papua New Guinea, from East Timor to rural Bolivia.

Customs and Duties

The customer is required to pay all customs and duties associated with country-specific fees.