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The Protein to Creatinine test is a newer and more efficient way to screen for preeclampsia.  Protein is present in higher levels in women with preeclampsia.  Called proteinuria, the condition can be measured alone in a 24 hour urine sample which can be time consuming and impractical in settings with large numbers of patients or patients coming from far away and needing to return home. 

A newer method called the protein to creatinine (PrCr or P/C test) is  predictive of proteinuria >1.  This method assesses the ratio of protein to creatinine in the urine.  

This test, called the 'spot-check' is a faster way to assess likelihood or preeclampsia and to identify women who will need monitoring and follow-up.  A study in Turkey showed that  "the urine spot P/C ratio above 0.9 mg/mg strongly predicts significant proteinuria of more than 1 gram.  In this published 2015 study, it is recommended that the P/C ratio test be used to assesspoor clinical status in order to prevent any delay in the implementation of treatment.

This site does not provide medical recommendations or clinical protocols but makes these tests available to qualified clinicians. 

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