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Kangaroo Support Mother Care Shirt (KMC Support Shirt)

The Kangaroo Support Mother Care Shirt is a solution to increase breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact for newborns. This product is safe and effective for premature and low birth weight infants and has been shown to increase bonding between mothers and their infants and to promote successful breastfeeding.

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The KMC Support Shirt is designed to promote breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact between newborn and parent.

Kangaroo Mother Care ( KMC) is an intuitive, bonding way to hold an infant and is often defined as a series of skin-to-skin bonding practices combined with frequent or exclusive breastfeeding.  It is also a proven medical intervention to help infants thrive.  The practice of KMC can be used to reduce morbidity and mortality amongst pre-term or low birth weight infants.  KMC has been associated with lower rates of infection, illness and hypothermia.  A systematic review found over 1000 studies of KMC.  It has also been associated with stronger bonds between mother and infant and swifter initiation of breastfeeding (2 days sooner as compared to conventional premature birth care in one meta-analysis) 

The colorful illustrations display the instructions on the garment itself. The inks used are soy-based to ensure that the shirt is toxin-free and the cloth material is 93% natural cotton and 7% spandex, ensuring comfortable contact that is not constricting. Multiple sizes further ensure a proper fit.


This product can be used with a biliblanket.

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