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MA 8005

Uterine balloon tamponade (MOQ 10 balloons)

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soft silicone balloon tamponade catheter that provides direct pressure to control postpartum hemorrhage (PPH).  This non-pharmacological, non-surgical method to control PPH is an important part of all childbirth emergency preparedness.

This balloon tamponade catheter has a lumen allowing intrauterine blood drainage that allows timely confirmation of the tamponade effectiveness. Balloon tamponades are an essential part of a postpartum hemorrhage toolkit and can stem hemorrhage when other methods have not worked.   Note the devices are sold in sets of two.

Postpartum hemorrhage is a leading cause of death for women both in the United States and around the world. An intrauterine balloon tamponade catheter like the Bt-Cath allows health providers to exert consistent pressure on the uterus from inside (slowly filling the balloon with saline) and through the contact and pressure of the balloon against the interior of the uterus, to thereby arrest hemorrhage.  Several intrauterine balloons were compared in an independent peer-reviewed article and the BT-Cath performed well in comparison to other balloon methods. 

In this uterine balloon tamponade, the intrauterine drainage port is flush with the top of the inflated balloon (no tubing protruding from the balloon) allowing placement near the uterine fundus. Check-valves and other kit components are included to simplify and expedite the inflation process.  

BT-Cath’s Design Benefits Include:

 A soft silicone balloon that is easy to insert, contours to the uterine wall, provides drainage near the fundus and does not require a surgical procedure to remove.

 A uterine drainage port that is flush with the top of the inflated balloon.

 A dual lumen catheter that allows infusion of saline to expand the balloon while providing uterine drainage to monitor the progression of hemostasis.

 Durable silicone components with optimal biocompatibility and strength.

 Two syringes to provide for uninterrupted infusion of saline for timely tamponade expansion.

 A bag spike and stopcock equipped with check valves for efficient saline infusion without the need to repeatedly manipulate a stopcock.

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