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After years in the field, an international NGO supporting clinics in Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, and Haiti, had found that obstetric hemorrhage was one of the biggest preventable causes of maternal mortality. They were then looking to purchase the Non-Pneumatic Anti Shock Garment (NASG), a low-cost, evidence-based, first-aid device used to stabilize women experiencing obstetric hemorrhage. 

After a thorough search, they found Maternova offered the best path to acquiring the NASG. During discussions with our team, Maternova offered tailored advice on how to best pair the NASG with other low-cost, life-saving devices designed to prevent obstetric hemorrhage, like the CRADLE Vitals Monitor and the Obstetric Ballon. Based on the recommendations made by Maternova’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Luna Mehrain, they ordered the three products and incorporated them into their health programs and training sessions. To ease the introduction of the products into the work of their medical teams in Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria (50 professionals in total), Dr. Luna Mehrain offered a custom, live training on best practices for the three products.

This story is one of many where Maternova demonstrated a high level of medical expertise and efficiency to support its NGO clients. Paying close attention to medical innovations in this field, Maternova can offer tailored medical advice and products to your teams, supporting you in promoting maternal and neonatal health around the globe.

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MaternaWell Tray: Revolutionizing Postpartum Hemorrhage Care
MaternaWell Tray: Revolutionizing Postpartum Hemorrhage Care

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Now as a next step, we ask what could be done to lower the costs of the implementation of the E-MOTIVE bundle? The most obvious answer is to consider displacing the tens of thousands of disposable plastic drapes with a purpose-built reusable device. 

Fortunately one of the obstetricians involved in the E-MOTIVE study, Dr. Justus Hofmeyr, had been innovating around this very issue, designing a tray with wells that could fit under a woman’s buttocks, collect and accurately measure the. blood. This tray, the MaternaWellTray was conceived as a device that could be sterilized and reused, and is manufactured in South Africa by Umoya.

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Interview with Inventor of Pumani bubbleCPAP
Entrevista con el inventor de Pumani bubbleCPAP

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El bubbleCPAP Pumani fue diseñado para satisfacer esta necesidad en Malawi y ahora está ampliamente disponible a través de Maternova. Teníamos algunas preguntas sobre las fases posteriores a la investigación del Pumani bubbleCPAP que le planteamos a Jocelyn Brown, inventora del Pumani bubbleCPAP, y a Molly McCabe, directora de gestión de productos.
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MUAC could help screen for Low Birth Weight and More in Pregnant Women
MUAC puede detectar bajo peso al nacer y más en mujeres embarazadas

septiembre 25, 2023 2 lectura mínima

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