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Announcing Partnership with Kangaroo Mother Care Support Shirt

agosto 08, 2019

Announcing Partnership with Kangaroo Mother Care Support Shirt

To close out a successful World Breastfeeding Week, Maternova is happy to announce our new partnership with Kangaroo Mother Care Support Shirt! The KMC support shirt is a stretchy tube shirt that promotes bonding and breastfeeding through prolonged skin-to-skin contact between the parent and infant. The stretchy cotton-spandex allows for the baby to be held securely against the parent without constriction. Friendly illustrations that present instructions for use are printed on the fabric, and the shirt can be used with a biliblanket for jaundice treatment. 

Larrea Young, creator of the wrap, shared a positive experience with her product, “I was in tears when the mom in the photos used it, because she told me that her little boy had been screaming all day because he was separated from her in a swaddle so that he could use the bili light, but when she put him on her chest in the wrap, he immediately quieted down and just snuggled her. It felt incredibly good to have helped a new family, even if it was in such a small way.” 

The KMC support shirt differs from products already on the market, firstly because it is not a wrap. The shirt has no buttons, buckles, zippers, velcro or ties. This makes skin-to-skin contact easier to achieve for a mother and her newborn child, without having to worry about application. The KMC support shirt already has a stretchy material, but there are different sizes available, with room to expand for more sizes. There are also designs in the works for dads who want to embrace the benefits of KMC. WHO calls Kangaroo Support Mother Care Shirt “a powerful, easy-to-use method to promote the health and well-being of infants born preterm as well as full-term.” 

The KMC support shirt is made in the USA. The inks used to print the designs have been 3rd party tested to ensure they do not include any harmful chemicals and are safe for use in infant products. The shirt has a warning label on the back, as well as in the user manual and in the warning sheet that comes with each order, reminding parents not to fall asleep while holding the baby, to always support the baby from underneath, make sure the baby’s face is uncovered and the baby is able to breathe normally and to always monitor the baby. 

Maternova is proud to bring to you a product which supports exclusive breastfeeding when possible. The beautiful design of Kangaroo Mother Care Support Shirt is not only appealing to the eye, but provides real benefits to mother and child via skin-to-skin contact. The KMC support shirt has the ability to empower parents as well as encourage them to educate others about the practice. If you are interested in pre-ordering, please contact orders@maternova.net .

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