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A Simple and Effective Treatment for Symptoms of Autism

octubre 28, 2016

A Simple and Effective Treatment for Symptoms of Autism

**What is this treatment that can be taught to parents? What is the cost? What expertise is needed?**

Remarkably, a new study proves that with this treatment a child’s autism is over 30% improved; the treatment is a daily speciallized 15-minute massage.

**Massage as effective treatment of autism**

Recently published research in Oregon quantified and verified what Dr. Louisa M. T. Silva has seen in practice for years. Autism first presents itself with social delay and the first social interaction a child has is characterized by touch. Newborns bond with their mothers through everyday interactions including holding and nursing. Much study has been given to the area of maternal touch, but what happens when a child is autistic? Touch elicits different responses in children with autism than is seen in the general population. What is felt as a positive, pleasurable touch is not and what most children would feel as pain may not register that way. These differences are what Dr. Silva has been focusing on and developing methods to help the children achieve different responses to the same stimuli.

Autism is typically diagnosed in the preschool years and in that time these tactile abnormalities can be severe and universal. Dr. Silva’s study shows that these young children respond well to treatment with a daily massage protocol directed at tactile abnormalities (QST massage for autism). Qigong Sensory Treatment is a specific technique that is proven to lessen certain reactions and heighten others. This type of massage has its origins in ancient Chinese medicine. A child who is startled by loud noises or activities like haircuts will see marked improvements. A child that lacks some sensory perception may not notice feeling wet, but with specific massage techniques may start to notice when her diaper needs to be changed.
At first giving the massage can be difficult for the parent; the child will fight and resist the touch. With regularity and repetition the child begins to enjoy the time of bonding. In general the parents found their children to be more affectionate and even seeking out touch and bonding. The positive change improves the parent/child bonding that naturally leads to less stress for parent and child. This treatment improves the quality of life for all who interact with the child. This video [Sensory Treatment for Autism](https://youtu.be/yOFcEuy3TOo) on the [QSTI.org](http://qsti.org/) website demonstrates a bit of the techniques and the marked improvements.

**A Simple and Effective treatment that can be used around the world**

These techniques can be used around the world. The treatment is simple and effective. QST has been recommended for parents and early intervention programs for children recently diagnosed with autism in the United States. With training and education, parents around the world can be given access to effective treatment they themselves can provide for their child to improve the behavioral, language, and sensory, and issues associated with autism.

For our international readers, QTSI also offers an international booklet highlighting the Qigong Method, that can be implemented at home. We encourage you to read more about this exciting innovation for Autism Spectrum Disorders. [International Resources: Qigong](http://qsti.org/translations/)

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