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Maternova Schistosomiasis Kit $82.00 schistosomiasis rapid test

The Urine-CCA (Circulating Cathodic Antigen) test
• Allows schistosiamsis to be detected within 20 minutes
• Replaces the triple Kato Katz fecal method with a single urine test (similar sensitivity)
• Detects active infection of schistosomiasis and is ideal for settings where a lab or microscopic detection is out of reach

The Maternova Schistosomiasis Kit...

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Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometer $11.00

This flexible forehead thermometer uses liquid crystal technology to allow a quick temperature read in settings where a digital or mercury thermometer is inaccessible.

The flexible strip is held against the forehead of a woman (or other patient) to assess temperature.

A colored band appears in line with the Celsius gradations of the thermometer.

We sell these in packs of...

Pratt Pouch for Home Based HIV Prevention in Neonates PMTCT, Pratt Pouch, newborn HIV, mother to child, procurement pratt pouch, how t

This unique packaging allows home based provision of antiretrovirals for newborns in remote settings. A mother tears open the pre-dosed package and drops the life-saving drugs into the infant's mouth.

The Pratt Pouch was developed by Duke University's Engineering School and tested in clinical trials in Ecuador, Zambia and Tanzania. The unique packaging allows antiretrovirals to be...

Condom Balloon Tamponade Instructional Poster $22.00 cbt method, condom balloon

This instructional poster in both French and English goes through 12 key steps for creating a condom balloon tamponade to stop postpartum hemorrhage. Using a few key items including a Foley catheter, condom and IV fluids, a health professional can create an intrauterine balloon to stop a massive postpartum hemorrhage.

This colorful poster works well on a facility wall near the delivery...

Fundal Height Measuring Tape with Pictoral Danger Signs $4.00 Mommy Measure | antenatal care | obstetric tape

Maternova and Mommy Measure partnered to bring this obstetric measuring tape to the market.

Fundal height (or symphysio-fundal height) is the distance from the top of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus. The measurement of this height is usually within 1-3 cm of the baby's gestational age in weeks-- though some literature does indicate that this measurement is most accurate in the...

Clear nasal aspirator bulb (10-pack) $18.00

This clear nasal aspirator is used to suction mucous from a newborn's nose and mouth. The clear material makes it easy to see whether there is debris inside.

Some groups training field midwives and traditional birth attendants have reported that frontline workers feel more comfortable with nasal aspirators rather than more advanced (and expensive) medical devices.

We sell the...

Enov'Mum™ Nutritional Food Supplement (600 sachets) $65.00 Enov'mum food lactating mothers pregnant mothers

Enov’Mum™ is a nutritional food supplement specially designed for pregnant and lactating women to help meet their nutritional requirements. It contains vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients to improve the nutritional quality of a woman's diet during pregnancy and lactation.

The peanut-based supplement is ready-to-use and comes in 20-gram sachets designed for daily use by...

CeraLyte 50 - Oral Rehydration Salt (case of 100) $195.00

CeraLyte 10 is a unique rice-based oral rehydration formulation for mild dehydration or for maintaining fluid balance and volume. Maternova distributes CeraLyte 10 in cases of 100 packets.

Diarrheal disease is a major killer of children in low-resource settings and oral rehydration salts are a critical component of shortening the duration of this illness. Diarrhea is a common problem...

Chlorhexidine (gluconate 4%; 48 4 oz bottles) $175.00

Maternova distributes chlorhexidine gluconate 4% for export to countries where it is approved. This simple solution when applied to the umbilical cord stump can reduce newborn deaths. Chlorhexidine is now listed as one of the UN Essential Commodities for maternal and newborn health.

Please contact us for pricing and specific country requirements (...

The Guardian Condom Balloon Tamponade (CBT) $18.00 Glyde condoms, guardian balloon tamponade

The condom balloon tamponade is a method of stopping postpartum hemorrhage when drugs and other interventions have failed-- the components supplies allow the clinician to create an intrauterine balloon.

The Guardian kit includes instructions, non-latex gloves and two Glyde condoms to create the balloon. Sutures tie the balloon to a foley catheter which in turn is connected to an IV bag...

HeartStrings: measure of fetal heart tones $14.50 Heartstrings Kit for fetal heart tones in low resource settings

This simple patent protected technology was developed in Uganda to listen to and evaluate fetal heart rates in pregnant women The simple technology uses a timer as well as beads on a string and a color coded decision-making system to empower midwives to determine the health of a fetus in utero.

The kit is sold with the HeartStrings, sand timer and plastic pinard horn. The kit and the...

Ruby Cup (Pack of 6) $72.00 Cost-effective re-usable and hygienic menstrual cup

Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup, a sustainable menstrual hygiene product that is reusable for 10 years. A hygienic and eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons, it collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it. This means no dryness or leftover fibers. It is made of 100% medical grade silicone and contains no harmful absorbency gels, additives or perfumes. There are no side effects and...

Signostics Handheld Portable Ultrasound (Signos-RT) $6,500.00 Signos-RT Portable Handheld Ultrasound

Maternova is the EXCLUSIVE distributor of the Signos-RT in Africa, along with distributing in other countries. Please contact us to see how you can purchase one.

Signos RT Personal Ultrasound, the world’s most affordable, simple to use, palm-sized ultrasound instrument. Contact us for pricing in your country:


Sprinkles Plus $0.15 anemia | malnutrition | sprinkles micronutrients | SGHI | MNP | micronutrient po

A micronutrient powder that is virtually flavorless making it ideal to be mixed with infant foods without significantly changing the taste or smell of the food. Sprinkles is an innovation in ‘home-fortification’ to address vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Sprinkles are a unique delivery system to provide micronutrients to vulnerable populations enabling families to fortify many different semi...

Sprinkles Basic $0.10 sprinkles | malnutrition | micronutrient powders | "how do I order sprinkles"

A micronutrient powder that is virtually flavorless, making it ideal to be mixed with infant foods without significantly changing the taste or smell of the food. Sprinkles is an innovation in ‘home-fortification’ to address vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Sprinkles are a unique delivery system to provide micronutrients to vulnerable populations enabling families to fortify many different...

Ambu Bag Infant Silicone Resuscitator (Reusable) $145.00 Ambu bag | infant ambu bag | infant resuscitation

Reusable Silicone Infant Resuscitator

Ergonomic bag design secures optimal user handling and support during extended ventilation. The bag has superior surface and grip properties. The hand strap ensures a good grip, which helps to reduce fatigue during manual ventilation; also for users with small hands
* The patient valve with swivel enables free positioning of the bag without...

Adult mylar wrap for emergency transport $4.00 emergency obstetric care | mylar blanket | low cost medical device | emergency

These sterile mylar warming blankets are used to keep an mother warm by reducing evaporative and connective heat loss. They are used by rescue teams in the U.S., by surgery teams to keep adults from becoming too cold during surgery and by the U.S. military and perhaps most visibly by marathon runners to keep their body heat in once they've stopped running. The technology was actually developed...

Anti-shock Garment for postpartum hemorrhage (NASG) Anti-shock Garment | NASG | NIASG | life wrap | lifewraps | non pneumatic anti

This pressure suit wraps onto a woman experiencing bleeding after delivery of a baby. A large, hard sphere presses down onto the uterus and helps to stop hemorrhage and reverse shock in mothers.

Please email first if you are interested in an NASG so we can give you a sense of wait times and also determine where and how the NASG will be utilized. If you are interested in large volumes...

10 MUAC bracelets $30.00 MUAC tape, MUAC, mid upper arm circumference

The MUAC (Mid-Upper Arm Circumference) bracelet is a durable, sterilizable bracelet that is wrapped around a child's arm to determine malnourishment severity and appropriate treatment plan. This tri-color single slotted measuring tape is wrapped around the upper arm and threaded through the slot to determine the circumference of the child's upper arm. Red signifies severe malnourishment. (...

Low-cost Birth Simulator Kit $500.00 ultra low-cost childbirth simulation | childbirth simulator

The PRONTOPack™ is a low-tech, portable, high-fidelity birth simulator kit designed for use in limited-resource settings. More than just a simulator, the PRONTOPack’s simulation scenarios, instructional techniques and debriefing guide are all key to instituting better birthing outcomes. They are designed to help birthing attendants understand what they are doing right and what needs to be...

Mylar infant transport blanket (10-sterile) $35.00 "mylar blanket", "infant hypothermia", "neonatal health", "newborn health", "inf

These sterile mylar infant warming blankets are used to keep an infant warm by reducing evaporative and connective heat loss. The infant warming blankets have a little hood to wrap over the baby's head and they fold over at the bottom to keep the baby warm during transport. Infants are extremely susceptible to hypothermia. These blankets would be particularly effective in colder setting...

AMTSL reminder cards (with ENC) $7.50 active management of the third stage of labor, AMTSL, AMTSL reminder cards, IEC

These beautifully drawn cards remind clinicians of the key steps of Active Management of the Third Stage Labor. The steps of AMTSL are integrated with Essential Newborn Care. 13 cards take the user carefully through the steps of this protocol critical to preventing postpartum hemorrhage. At 100 sets or more the price is $6 a set.

Full obstetric carry-on $165.00 suture, specula, DeLee mucous trap, stethoscope, forceps, blood pressure kit,

This full obstetric carry-on comes in backpack or duffel for easy carry on Please contact us before ordering as we are not selling the kit into all countries (note that the kit is not for use in the United States). The obstetric kit includes the following:

  • Blood pressure unit in case
  • Stethoscope in vinyl zipper bag (has different attachments for adult/ child/infant)...
ThermoSpot stick-on reusable thermoindicators for newborn-- set of 25 $12.50 Thermospot, Maternova, infant hypothermia, low-cost thermometer, ThermoSpot,

The ThermoSpot is a non-invasive hypothermia indicator for infants. It is a single 12 mm flexible plastic disc that sticks directly onto the skin and can remain on for as long as 7-10 days. It is for use in a facility by a clinician, by a community health worker or by a parent. The device changes color when the baby's core body temperature changes, allowing it to be understood even by a non...

Calibrated obstetric drape $2.50 calibrated drape, obstetric drape, BRASSS-v

This calibrated under-buttock drape folds out into a large sterile surface for delivery. The device allows for blood to be swept into a large calibrated pouch that indicates when the danger points have been reached (500 mL is the official definition for a postpartum hemorrhage). The obstetric drape comes in sterile packaging and folds out to a 1x1 meter sterile area for a woman to give birth....

Fetascope or pinard horn $10.00

The fetascope is for listening for fetal heart tones in pregnancy and for use by midwives, nurses and ob/gyn. They include colorful reminders of danger signs in pregnancy. This is available in:

Haitian Kreyol

Please note that at larger volumes the prices drop. Contact us for price quotes at ...

Solar Headlamp & Visor $17.00 solar headlamp | solar light for midwives | solar headlight

Solar-powered clip headlamp and adjustable visor useful for seeing births and/or walking in a dark area. The headlamp is a single rechargeable unit--no unwieldy cords or batteries involved. Photovoltaic panels recharge lithium batteries

• Runs for 12 hours on a full charge
• Each hour of sun charging provides about an hour of bright light
• Can charge through a window...

Power Pak $30.00 Maternova Power pak, power pack, power pak, "community health workers"

This simple pak equips a traveler or health worker with a solar powered light, adjustable visor, and a rotary mobile phone charger with three adapters for phones or other electronic equipment.

Charge cell phones and other portable devices without electrical supply - comes with 3 pin attachments to fit multiple connections. The phone is charged with a hand crank that one winds to...

Maternova Obstetric Kit $63.00 Maternova kit", "obstetric kit", "EmOC kit", "Africa midwives", "midwifery suppl

This pak is focused on preventing postpartum hemorrhage in low-resource settings. It contains a set of simple tools to stuff in a suitcase or backpack. The tools in this pak are meant to be used in addition to a standard midwifery kit. The kit includes the following:

• power: a windable mobile phone charger to call for help or referral
• light: a solar powered headlamp with...