Meet the Maternova Team

Core Team

Meg Wirth

Meg Wirth is the co-founder of Maternova and a S.E.VEN fellow and a Cartier Women's Initiative finalist. She has worked on women's health throughout her career in areas as diverse as starting a home visiting program for teen mothers in Appalachia to monitoring and evaluating a major Safe Motherhood initiative--funded by USAID and implemented by John Snow International's Mothercare project-- in Jakarta and South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Meg has also worked as a member of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Health Equity team and co-edited a major volume called Challenging Inequities in Health: From Ethics to Action. She was a co-author of the UN Millennium Project’s final report on child and maternal health. She has a BA from Harvard University and an MPA in international development from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School.

Allyson E. Cote

Allyson E. Cote is Maternova's Co-Founder and Vice President. She brings startup experience, marketing, and design to the management team. With over fifteen years in the development field, her award winning expertise lies in high level client acquisition, strategic and channel partnership development, product development, account management, and marketing as an award winning writer. Prior to Maternova, Allyson acted as a founding Vice President team member of Shape Up, Inc. as well as acting as COO for Alessandra Gold, Inc. She holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts, and is currently working towards an MBA in Advocacy & Policy.

Ron Corriveau

Ron is Vice President for Strategic Partnerships for Maternova Inc. Ron has decades of experience in high-level partnership building in both corporates and startups. Ron brings general management and sales experience with IBM, COS Systems, FilesX, EMC Corporation and Legato Systems. Ron has built partnerships for a provider of Fiber-to-the-Home provisioning (BSS/OSS) software for private and open access fiber networks. He developed key relationships with Microsoft and key partners resulting in case studies, customer references and new customers. Ron is also founder and president of XLR8.Partners, a consulting group that provides strategic advice, fundraising and services to accelerate the pace of business for their clients. Ron works with like-minded individuals and partners across the world to develop Internet resources and technology to create economic growth, new business opportunities and more vibrant communities.

Antonieta Falconi

Antonieta Falconi is an experienced business professional committed to supporting social enterprise. Her work has spanned a variety of industries in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Her most recent experience includes a position as Small Business Coach for the Latino Economic Development Center in Washington DC, assisting low-to-moderate income entrepreneurs to start business and develop management skills, as well as a role as Finance Support Specialist at the Belafonte TACOLCY (youth center) in Miami, FL, helping meet grant financial reporting requirements. These roles followed her initial career in management consulting with Accenture in Boston and five years as General Manager of Ocean Rodeo, a Canadian company that designs and distributes kiteboarding equipment. Antonieta’s education includes a BS in Engineering and an MBA with specialization in Entrepreneurship. She is originally from Quito, Ecuador. She has recently relocated to Providence, RI to establish a long-term home and pursue her interest in supporting businesses with a positive social impact.

Jessa Handang

Jessa Handang, hailing from the Philippines, is an administrative assistant for Maternova. She is a Jill of all trades contributing to the efficiency of our operation.

Cinta Burgos, Quality and Regulatory

Cinta Burgos has been involved in the Biotech and Medical Device industry for over 18 years; working in various positions in research engineering, validation engineering, and Quality Assurance in large companies as well as small start-ups. Prior to entering the industry she was a microbiology laboratory researcher. Ms. Burgos is an independent QA consultant for several biotech and medical device companies, supporting GLP and GCP laboratories and studies; responsible for developing and maintaining Quality Systems from Design Control/Product Development to cGMP manufacturing; conducting ISO, GMP, and GCP audits, managing complaint, risk, and corrective action systems, training, due diligence, and regulatory submission support. She has audited and worked in small start-ups as well as in large, global companies.

Prior to entering the biotech industry Cinta worked as a micro and cell biology research assistant at UCSD Medical Center, as well as an electronics engineer assistant with secret security clearance at the Naval Research Center. Some products Cinta has helped support or bring to market are pacemakers, stents, oxygenators, filled vial automatic systems, blood substitutes, biosimilars, vena cava filters, neuro shunts and clips, monoclonal antibodies, cell separation, embolotherapy, heart monitoring equipment, IVD, combination devices, direct to consumer cosmetic electronic and software controlled systems.
Specialties include Validations, FMEA, Risk Management, Quality Systems and Documentation, Complaints, Design Control, Training, Internal, Supplier, and Clinical Audits

Isolde Maher

Isolde is a talented designer who has embarked on a new career in biology and is researching multiple elements of eclampsia and postpartum hemorrhage for Maternova Inc. and Maternova Research. Isolde is enrolled at Mount Holyoke and is particularly interested in neurodevelopment of the fetus and the impact of nutrition and malaria on this process.


Current and Former Interns

Michael Lee, MD

A consultant to Maternova on emergency medicine, medical devices and statistics Dr. Lee is a Board-certified in emerency medicine and a graduate of Brown University's School of Medicine and holds a Master's Degree from MIT in Economics and a BA from Harvard University.

Pranav Reddy

Pranav is a medical student at Alpert Medical School at Brown University. He graduated from Ohio State University, where he studied political science and microbiology. There, he served as a legislative aide in Canadian Parliament and worked on nutrition initiatives in rural Nicaragua. Before attending medical school, Pranav worked as a AIF Clinton Fellow at Calcutta Kids, a maternal and child health NGO serving informal settlements around Kolkata, West Bengal. He is interested in how medicine, policy, and industry can be creatively disrupted to work for the most vulnerable members of society, and spends his free time putting his hopes into Cleveland sports, photography, and playing squash.

Sarah New

Sarah New is an experienced researcher who is currently working as a surveillance officer with the California Emerging Infections Program in Oakland, California. Her field study at RACHA in rural Cambodia not only satisfied a requirement to graduate with an MPH in Global Health, but also exposed her to many of struggles surrounding the health and well being of mothers, infants, children, and their families. This experience enhanced her passion to improve maternal and child health globally. Sarah's particular interest involve social determinants of health, affordable health technologies for low resource settings, and prevention of infectious disease, as well as running, playing volleyball, and trying craft beers during her down time!

Nirdesh Tuladhar

Nirdesh is a graduate student in public health at Brown University. He has worked with Population Services International Nepal (PSI) as a social marketer in areas of family planning, reproductive health and safe water systems. Closely working with women and the medical community he felt that most of the existing global health problems affecting maternal and child health can be solved with low cost technology adapted for low resource settings. He is passionate about designing innovative health programs and implementing them. He is interested in social enterprises for health, international affairs, photography, art museums and aviation.

Sarah Lu

Sarah Lu is a Brown University grad with an interest in social enterprises, design and human behavior. Sarah is also a graphic design enthusiast with RISD classes and the Maternova catalog under her belt. A native French speaker who grew up in Paris, Sarah is also our resident French translator, researcher, part-time graphic designer and a helping hand with everything from pitch decks, grant proposals and Maternova Research's Twitter handle @Mtnva_Research. During her spare time, she is reading up on anything related to culture and the workings of the human mind, and exploring New York City, her new home.

Prior Team Members

Lizi Jones

Lizi is a recent graduate of Northwestern University. She was until recently a part-time wrangler and part-timer researcher and blogger for Maternova. She went on to work at the Colorado Department of Health.

Rachel Thakore

A Brown University senior who is keeping the Maternova Innovation Index current and up to date!

Karin Kroh

Karin Kroh brought 15 years experience in financial management, accounting, bookkeeping, orders, fulfillment and project management to Maternova and kept all of our operations in ship shape. She has worked with startups and seen them through all stages of growth but here work with large corporations brings us a diverse set of perspectives on our financial strategy.

Smitha Gudapakkam

Smitha brings a B.A. and Masters in Engineering to her Babson MBA training. She is passionate about metrics and measurement for social impact and worked with Maternova to capture all of the health, social and economic impact generated when a mother or infant has a safe birth.

Shipra Sirhari

An experienced reproductive health specialist, Shipra was the very first Maternova consultant putting together the earliest version of the Innovation Index through painstaking research.

Kirstin Krussell

Kirstin worked with Maternova as a blogger and researcher right after finishing her degree
at Brown University. She went on to work in maternal health last time we checked!

Elizabeth Adler

Elizabeth was one of the first Brown students to work with Maternova--she contributed extensively to the early

Lara Yuan

Lara was a researcher extraordinaire, helping to put together the market story by parsing through very fragmented and hard to find data.

Aya Maruyama

Aya started working with us while she was an undergraduate at RISD in industrial design. She designed the original obstetric pak as well as many of the educational materials and flash cards that Maternova distributes.

Adaobi Okafur

Adaobi is a business student at Catholic University and she has a specific interest in emergency services in her home country of Nigeria.

Tristin O'Hara

Tristin is an intern from the Met School, the only high school in the country to have an entrepreneurship program.

Prior Partners

The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals

The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP) and Maternova were partnered as co-recipients of a Macarthur Foundation grant to work on mapping obstetric facilities in Mexico from 2010-2011.

Promail, Etc

is a fulfillment center in Providence, RI. This social enterprise employs people with specific health challenges who are in need of employment.

Comite Promotor por una Maternidad sin Riesgos (CPMSR), Mexico

The Safe Motherhood Committee in Mexico was partnered with Maternova and ARHP to working together to build a user-friendly map of obstetric facilities--including their quality of care ratings.

Concern Worldwide Innovations:

Maternova worked with Concern Worldwide in 2011 on an initiative to pursue innovations for maternal and newborn health in Sierra Leone, Malawi and Orissa state in India.