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Mosquito Protective Apparel for Women and Children

Maternova has launched a line of mosquito protective apparel for children and for women to provide a biorepellent textile capable of retaining efficacy for 80-100 washes or more. The textile repels mosquitoes carrying malaria and dengue as well as Chikungunya, Zika and EEE.


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Maternova has launched a line of mosquito protective apparel that is embedded with a biorepellent, effective for more than 80 washes.

Currently, we offer an adjustable maternity dress, a scarf, and leggings as a part of our mosquito protective clothing collection.

Contact us for specific design questions or requests at  orders@maternova.net.  Please note the apparel is not yet sold in the United States.

Our protective clothing collection is low-cost, fashion-forward, and proven effective.

The secret to the effectiveness of our apparel is that it is embedded with a bio repellent that is safe for mother and child. The repellent is permethrin-free and the textile is widely available commercially in Europe. Not only is our apparel effective, but it is stylish - clothing women will actually want to wear. The protective clothing is cost-effective and can withstand 80+ washings without losing its repellent properties.

The same mosquito also carries Yellow Fever, dengue, and chikungunya.  Beyond that, this textile also repels the mosquito that carries malaria.

For more information or to place an order, contact orders@maternova.net

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