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The Safe Birth Kit prevents infection during childbirth.  The kit contains a larger-than-usual range of everyday items like soap to cleanse the birth mothers' perineum, a drape to provide a clean surface for delivery, gloves for the birth attendant, a razor blade to cut the umbilical cord and two cord clamps for the umbilical cord. Alcohol wipes (soon to be replaced with chlorhexidine) for the cord care in the 24 hours after the birth as well as a newborn hat and blanket round out this complete kit. 

The most innovative component of the kit is the pictorial instructions for use of the kit and decision-making around danger signs.  The pictorial instructions have been tested, refined, and re-tested to optimize universal comprehension of the key messages regarding infection prevention and referral during danger signs.

The full contents of the Safe Birth Kit include the following:

-pictorial GUIDE for kit use and decision making around danger signs




-razor to cut the cord

-alcohol wipes for the cord

-drape for a clean surface

-2 cord clamps

-newborn hat for warming

-newborn blanket for warming

At a cost of only $10, this kit contains everything that even the most minimally skilled birth attendants need to ensure safe deliveries outside of the hospital setting.

So why not consider purchasing a safe birth kit so that a mother in a low-resource setting can have a safe birth and live to see her baby grow?

Please note that there is an 8 kit minimum on orders.

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