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Incublanket by Warmilu

We are so thrilled to be able to offer the Incublanket - Infant body warmer by Warmilu. Prevent infant hypothermia with this revolutionary infant warming innovation. 

The Incublanket can be used for infant transport, in place of an incubator or as a supplement to Kangaroo Mother Care.  It is washable, non-electric and the patented, non-toxic warming unit (InstaWarmer) can be reheated by boiling over 100 times.

"Simply keeping an infant warm can improve their health outcomes by 25-41%. "When traditional incubators are not available, healthcare providers use kangaroo mother care (KMC) to regulate the infant’s body temperature, but KMC is not always viable, such as when the mom needs rest or medical care.

Maternova and Warmilu know that warmth can mean the difference between life or death. Even infants who are hypothermic for short periods of time may face serious health consequences.

Warmilu has worked with doctors, nurses, government health officials, and nonprofit teams to bridge the gap between medicine, materials science engineering, and design to create the IncuBlanket and InstaWarmer.

The Warmilu IncuBlanket is a life-saving infant warming incubator. The IncuBlanket maintains the infants’ body temperature at 36.4 degrees Celsius – 37.5 degrees Celsius (97.6 deg F to 99.5 deg F) for 3-6 hours to prevent infant hypothermia. Heat is generated in under 4 seconds with the click of the disk in the InstaWarmer pack. Once the pack has cooled, remove the pack and simply boil it for 15-35 minutes and let it cool to room temperature. The pack can then be stored in its liquid state and used when needed.

For these infants and the world, Warmilu stands for warm, I love you.

IncuBlanket & InstaWarmer Clinical Trials

Clinical trials were conducted January – March 2013 at the Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) in Bangalore, India. Warmilu IncuBlanket kept 20 low birthweight and preterm infants warm between 36.4 deg C – 37.5 deg C (97.5 deg F – 99.5 deg F) for 5 hours and successfully prevented infant hypothermia. The average weight of the infants was 1.75 kg (range 1.3 kg – 2.4 kg) and average gestational age 35.25 weeks (range 31-38 weeks). The trial was conducted on 10 boys and 10 girls. There was no case of overheating, skin rashes, or erythema of significance noticed during or immediately after the study period. InstaWarmer pack temperature by itself will average 40.1 deg C (range 38-42 deg C) prior to placement in the back of the Warmilu IncuBlanket.

For these infants and the world, Warmilu stands for warm, I love you.


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