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CHARM monitor to detect child pneumonia

The Philips CHARM (children's automatic respiratory monitor) was specifically designed to detect pneumonia in low resource areas.  The lightweight measuring device sits on a child's or infant's chest, secured by a strap and measures respiration rate (fast breathing) through an ingenious algorhithim.  

Philips has developed this affordable respiration monitor that automatically and accurately measures the breath rate of a child under the age of 5 in response to a call for innovation from UNICEF.  Because pneumonia is the leading killer of children, offering a way for community health workers to accurately diagnose pnuemonia is essential.  

The device is power independent and robust so 
it withstands and can operate in harsh conditions.  Its clinical decision support functionality provides instant feedback, to support the care provider in determining a correct diagnosis, clearly indicating the risk of fast-breathing rate of the child, based on the WHO IMCI guidelines.

The CHARM device (CHW version) is low cost, rugged and clinically tested, first of its kind single diagnostic device for pnuemonia.  A study by Save the Children in Kenya found that the CHARM device was at least as accurate as a physician in counting infant/child respiratory rate.  Put another way, the CHARM puts physician-level diagnosis closer to the community, meaning that children can be diagnosed more effectively.   This is one way to avoid overprescription of antibiotics and misdiagnosis of pnuemonia, a leading killer of children around the world.  

Please note that there are two version of the CHARM; one model of the CHARM device is for community health workers and a second model of the CHARM is rechargeable and slightly more expensive.  

We are taking pre-orders for the CHARM now.  Deliver will be in September or October 2017. 

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