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Amniotic Fluid Leak Test

Early amniotic fluid leakage detection technology is now available in a unique, wearable form. 

Amniotic fluid leakage can be a sign of complications that could lead to infection and premature birth. Premature rupture of membranes (PROM) or amniotic fluid leakage is a danger sign, particularly before 37 weeks of pregnancy.  If the amniotic sac does rupture the risk of preterm birth is quite high and the need to seek care is urgent.  Until now there was no low-cost way to monitor amniotic fluid leakage, particularly in a low resource setting.  These amniotic fluid leak tests allow women to self-monitor for leakage and offer clinicians a valuable way to extend their reach into the community.  Preterm birth is a major problem worldwide, with premature infants at greater risk for infection and respiratory distress. 

This unique technology is in the form of a panty liner that changes color when amniotic fluid is leaking. The technology uses colorimetric changes to alert a woman or her health provider to the presence of amniotic fluid.

FDA certified, CE marked, patented technology with high sensitivity and specificity.

Product minimums will apply for this technology (minimum order of 500). Order amniotic fluid leak test today! 

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