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Guardian Balloon for Postpartum Hemorrhage Poster and Guidebook

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The condom balloon tamponade is used to stop intractable postpartum hemorrhage. This poster and guidebookwas put together by the world's top experts on the CBT method, in cooperation with Maternova Research, our non-profit.  Beautifully drawn illustrations explain the process in French and English.

The Guardian balloon is a do-it-yourself balloon tamponade made from a strong condom hooked to an IV tube and IV bag. The IV bag feeds into the tubing which is then attached, by the provider, to a condom, tied to the tubing with a sterile suture. Included in this set of materials is the following: IV bag, IV tubuing, sterile suture, 2 Glyde condoms, two 10 foot rolls of gauze for packing around the condom balloon, gloves and pictoral instructions.

The condom balloon tamponade method is used as a last resort in settings where other types of balloon tamponade are not available.

Maternova has developed a set of instructions and a pictoral wall chart to accompany the set of medical products needed to create the balloon tamponade.

The poster by itself is $17.  The booklet is $25.

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