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Feeder Cup: A better choice than bottle feeding!

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  • Easy to clean by hand (no sharp corners, fingers can reach everywhere)
  • Can be autoclaved (to 115 deg C)
  • Can be left in the sun (UV-stable)
  • Can be boiled (in a household kettle)
  • Easy to mix, store and feed (soft, watertight lid)
  • Volume marks (25ml and 10ml increments)

Why a feeder cup for the baby?

It is much easier to clean a cup than a bottle and teat. The risk of diarrhoea is less with a cup than bottle feeding. Cup feeding requires very little effort from the baby. Babies are always held and watched while cup feeding. Babies can control their own pace of drinking. The baby's mouth & tongue movements are similar to cup and breastfeeding. It is easy to express breast milk into a cup.

A Feeding Cup consists of:

  • Large 250ml translucent cup
  • Watertight lid
  • Small 50ml cup
  • Instruction manual (7 languages)

Clean packed and sealed in a plastic bag

Pack size: 100 units per box

MOQ: 10 boxes (1000 cups)


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