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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Technology is a wonderful thing. It aids in diagnosing all sorts of conditions, and even assists in speeding recovery. Caregivers the world over are increasingly relying on technological advances as they do their best to save lives around the world. The one universal human experience where nothing should be left to chance is childbirth. Monitoring a woman’s labor before birth is critical for ensuring a healthy delivery.

But what if your Fetal Monitor runs out of batteries? What is the next logical step to assess the proper course of labor and delivery? There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, Dr. Bernhard Roemhild has done that for you with his effective round partograph.

Dr. Bernhard Roemhild has spent decades working in Congo, Tanzania, Nigeria and Cambodia and has developed what he finds to be a much more user-friendly pocket version of the partograph. His version has several terrific advantages:

• It’s reusable! Laminated and sturdy it’s built to last
• The color coded labor stages are universal and easy to understand
• This simple format is easily replicated at home (i.e.: make it yourself)

The round partograph pictured here takes the partograph and sums it up in a neat little pie-like format. If labor progresses at 1 cm per hour the chart stays 'in the green' or safe zone. If the active phase of labor slows down the chart will be in the yellow or alert zone and if it is prolonged the chart take you into the red or 'action' zone indicating the need for action.
[image:1652427, right, wrap]
For Do-it-Yourself enthusiasts : To copy the Partogram-Disc be aware of the correct dimension: the inner circle must be 4cm (for the pv-measurement with two fingers), the outer circle 10 cm (for the same procedure). With sufficient interest we can supply the pattern for download online. The inventors state that the device works best for those already trained in the WHO partograph and that additional training takes one hour on the Partogram Disk.

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