The global Katerva Awards chooses Maternova as a 2019 finalist in the category of Gender Equity

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We Want to See You Be Brave!

We Want to See You Be Brave!

When we originally saw these lovely little pieces of inspiration, we immediately were struck by the simple design and message. When we realized we could have them in red, teal, and orange – we knew we had to be part of it!

Bravelets are part of the Maternova mission now. What we’re doing takes guts, and we think it’s about time the world knows it too. Join us by purchasing a [‘ Maternova Brave Moms Worldwide’] bracelet and our quest to end maternal mortality will receive $10! What can $10 do? It’s a set of [ 25 Thermospots] to detect infant hypothermia. It could be [ three mylar infant warming blankets], or even MUAC tapes to diagnose malnutrition. A little goes a long way in our world. 

Brave women need to be celebrated. [ Embrace your inner rebel or superhero]. We want you to be brave with us, and for the moms and babies that need your support.

Thank you for all you do for women & children worldwide.

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