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The Female Economy is Having a Bad Day

The Female Economy is Having a Bad Day

By A.E.Cote

It wasn’t all that long ago when Michael J Silverstein and Kate Sayre lifted the veil on the world greatest emerging market: Women and the ['Female Economy'](http://news.curves.com/images/20003/HBR%20The%20Female%20Economy.pdf). Ladies represent the bulk of the buying power and consumer influence, yet businesses continue to market to men. Why does this continue to be the case a full three years after the original date of publication? Surely it’s not overly controversial and didn’t drop the collective jaw. The Harvard Business Review is renowned as a leader in identifying predictive business trends. When something this revolutionary is identified, you can count on a couple of undisputed truths:

The world is terrified of strong women.
Some women will buck the expectations of, oh say, starting an online boutique or registry and pave a new path with sustainable disruptive business models.

So how do we encourage non-traditional roles in business? What happens when you aim your pinafore towards a new frontier? Expect to have your hair blown back with the winds of resistance friends. They say well behaved women rarely make history, and that’s fine by us.

Let’s look at the numbers, women currently represent an opportunity of over $8 trillion dollars, which is expected to skyrocket to $18 trillion by 2014. That’s a short fourteen months away, and not unrealistic. There’s just one problem: Women are the least valued commodity on the planet, only marginally ranking above food source animals. Women are also dying in childbirth, through blatant gendercide, and discrimination. [‘According to some estimates, women represent 70 percent of the world’s poor’] (www.unifem.org).

If we save women, and provide them with opportunity, we will save the world. It’s that simple. Maternova is actively looking for international ambassadors who want to join in the fight to protect women and newborns. If you’d like to hear more, please contact us. It’s not a job, it’s an adventure with a purpose! We’ll see you on the frontlines.

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