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Maternova Joins the Fight for More Frontline Health Workers

Maternova Joins the Fight for More Frontline Health Workers

Simply put, the world needs many more frontline health workers. If we’re looking for an approximate number it would be adding 350,000 to global health efforts through 2015. Seems like an attainable goal, right? Not so fast… the job description isn’t glamorous, low pay (if any pay at all), and nearly zero benefits. People are hardly clamoring to dive into a vocations with a notoriously high burnout rate.

Why is this so critical? In many countries [there are less than one physician per 10,000 people](http://www.globalhealthfacts.org/data/topic/map.aspx?ind=74). If you are lucky enough to be seen by the doctor, the wait time has to be life threatening in itself. It’s also safe to presume that even the best physicians get tired, and quality of care has to be impacted when there is absolutely no respite or help provided.

One group is looking to change the landscape for global public health forever. [The Frontline Health Workers Coalition](http://frontlinehealthworkers.org/) brings together nearly all the power players in NGO’s alongside fantastic corporate partners. This unified front is aiming to reinvent the frontline health worker role. By providing training, support, supplies, and in some cases compensation, the tide is beginning to turn.

Maternova has been accepted as a member in this prestigious and motivated group. True, we’re not a Pfizer, or CARE, but we’re a loud voice for championing the causes affecting women and children globally. Helping speed up the success of the Coalitions’ mission will be our focus and I’m sure we’ll keep you all in the loop as we set off among very good company for a game changing mission. Join us! Together we CAN change the world.

a.e.cote 4/2013

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