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"Look Ma, no Dents"-- How a Car Mechanic, a Wine Bottle and Suction Inspired a Life-Saving Device

"Look Ma, no Dents"-- How a Car Mechanic, a Wine Bottle and Suction Inspired a Life-Saving Device

A highlight of #UN Week for our team was getting the chance to meet the inventor of the Odón device. When entrepreneurs pitch an idea about a great story or a moment of inspiration for a groundbreaking technology, bets and tricks with friends aren't usually cited as aha moments. Often it's your usual bar or coffee shop sketch on the napkin scenario. But in Jorge Ernesto Odón's case inspiration came in the form of a bet--with buddies. He is from Argentina, and a car mechanic by training--their trick? How to get a cork out from inside a wine bottle without breaking the bottle? It has to be one of the best stories ever in global health innovation. That was in 2005.

Picture a baby stuck in labor--grab the forceps right? No, with the Odón device as it is now called, a little gentle plunger type device attaches to babies head, suctions a plastic back around the crown of the head, plunger is removed and handles on the end of the bag are used to pull out little baby. Voila!

The device is already in testing in a tertiary hospital in Argentina and in rural facilities in Argentina and South Africa. We are so looking forward to watching this technology develop and to offering it one day on our e-commerce marketplace! The device has the potential to save as many mothers as newborns, prevent c-sections, prevent asphyxia, hemorrhage and vastly improve maternal health. We wouldn't be surprised if it ends up in U.S. hospitals as well.

You can [read more about the technology here](http://maternova.net/health-innovations/od%C3%B3n-device-novel-%E2%80%9Cplastic-bag%E2%80%9D-paradigm-assisted-vaginal-delivery).

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