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Get Up and Go See 'Girl Rising' Right Now!

Get Up and Go See 'Girl Rising' Right Now!

Last night Maternova hosted the RI premiere of the documentary [‘Girl Rising’](http://girlrising.com/#66-million-girls), a film created by 10 x 10 as a call to action and social impact statement. [The Cable Car Cinema in Providence](http://www.cablecarcinema.com/) was gracious enough to host the screening for us. All 100 seats were sold prior to the showing. We were excited and ready to see the film which has sprung into the top 10 on the New York Times list

Blending powerful storytelling, and an all star roster of narrators, ‘Girl Rising’ tells the stories of nine school age girls in different countries all facing overwhelming challenges in the hopes of receiving an education. The film is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned) for thematic material including disturbing images reflecting facts of life around the world. It seems a contradiction that parents are cautioned about showing of the films content to young children; yet ‘Girl Rising’ is about children. We can watch it, but they can’t. Girls can live in it, just not ours. That is the root of the problem. When we finally acknowledge this is a global crisis impacting all of our children, then we will act.

We met Senna from Peru, who rose above abject poverty tucked away in a mining village in the Andes Mountains to become an incredibly passionate poet. Girls like Mariama who were married off at eleven years old, and mothers themselves in the same year – fighting to lift the veil in Afghanistan that oppresses an entire gender.

The stories are incredibly powerful, and touch on discrimination, trafficking, gender based violence, cultural barriers, and lastly the crippling poverty so many families and girls are living under. You cannot help but leave the theater both inspired to join the fight for girl’s education, along with being incredibly grateful if you had the luxury of watching this film in a theater.

The economic, health, and social benefits of girls receiving an education proves it is the single biggest investment we can make to secure our future. If we save the girls, and educate them so they can flourish, we can save the world. Request your own showing of ‘Girl Rising’ by visiting the crowd sourcing theater site [Gathr](http://gathr.us/). We also encourage everyone to visit the [film website](http://girlrising.com/#66-million-girls) and find out how you can help make a difference. What are you waiting for? Go!

a.e.cote, 2013

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