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Be On The Lookout: A Scam is Circulating

Be On The Lookout: A Scam is Circulating

Greetings from Team Maternova! We wanted to pass on a bit of information to you about a scam being perpetrated on humanitarian groups like ours. Thankfully, we did not fall for it, but if we had we'd have lost thousands of dollars. This is what will happen:

1. You'll receive an inquiry for a large amount of one of your higher priced items. In our case it was a $200 device. The person's name is Mr. John Henson - obviously he was going for the 'most American' sounding name he could. You'll also notice his diction in his emails will vary wildly.

2. The buyer will say they want to use their own courier. In order to justify this the person will give you a myriad of excuses about their being at 'Trade shows' - all over the US. They will then include this 'shipper' in an email requesting the dimensions of the shipment, along with the pick up address.

3. The shipper in this case ' Hilltop Shipping Inc' [http://www.hilltoplogistics.com/](http://www.hilltoplogistics.com/) ( notice to lack of anything other than a temporary landing page) will send you an inflated quote for the shipment.

4. At this point, the buyer, in an effort to convince you they are legitimate will provide you with a credit card number and card information.

5. The buyer will request you process the payment for not only the products, but the shipping as well! Note: You are not handling this shipping, so this is an ODD request.

6. The buyer will send a flurry of emails asking as to when you'll be processing the payment, and to remit payment to the 'shipper' as soon as the payment is input.

7. When we pushed back, the order was canceled.

SCAMMERS doing this will either do a stop payment on the card, or stop payment on any check or money order they promise as payment. Please be careful in your dealings with potential customers. If it sounds too good to be true, it **ALWAYS** is.
We just want to let everyone know. We'll be reporting this scam to the authorities.

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