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A Birth Simulated with the ProntoPack - Blog series Part 2

A Birth Simulated with the ProntoPack - Blog series Part 2

In the second installment of Maternova's feature on the low-cost highly effective ProntoPack Birth Simulator Kit, join us in learning additional information about where the innovation is helping train birth attendants, midwifes, and healthcare workers in safer birth practices.

**We also know that this system has been used at academic institutions in the United States... can you tell us more?**

The PRONTOPack and PartoPants are fundamental parts of emergency obstetric and team training at a variety of large US academic institutions and hospitals including the University of Washington, the University of Utah, UCSF and the University of Maryland.

At the University of Washington the PRONTOPack is used for emergency training with ob gynOB/GYN residents and with medical students prior to beginning their internships. It is much easier to set-up and manage than the high-tech birth mannequins. Having a patient actress wear the simulator provides great realism and we can set up the simulations pretty much anywhere. For example, we trained the paramedics and nurses from Airlift Northwest in Seattle who do helicopter and airplane transport throughout the region. We took the kit to the airport and ran the simulations in the helicopter! In Maryland we also trained emergency medical teams who transport patient from the field.

At the University of Utah the PRONTOPack and PartoPants are also being used to orient and train medical, nursing and midwifery students. They are fundamental to the Labor and Delivery unit interprofessional team-training program which trains over 200 professionals a year in emergency obstetric care and team functioning.

The PRONTOPack has also traveled to simulation and healthcare conferences around the world- we have set-up and run simulations in hotel rooms, conference centers and lecture halls.

**What we like most about the PRONTOPack is the focus on team-building--and the curriculum which encourages drills to practice emergency obstetric situations. What are the top three mistakes you believe the PRONTOPack helps teams overcome?**

The word 'mistakes' has a bad connotation and it can be seen as a very strong, often pejorative word. One of PRONTO's rules of simulation is creating a safe place where participants can practice, learn, grow and make mistakes without feeling criticized or attacked. This is very important in effective simulation training. Also, we believe any weakness is the responsibility of a team and never hangs on any one individual. With that said, the PRONTOPack can help teams identify key errors or weaknesses in their obstetric and neonatal emergency management. Those weaknesses could be cognitive, behavioral or system based. We have seen the PRONTOPack help teams identify system barriers and develop achievable strategies to improve patient safety and birth outcomes- like moving their storage place for oxytocin, or changing the layout of the delivery room. If you have less than 5 minutes to save a life, you need an experienced team – a team that understands individual roles, is ready to do what's necessary in the moment and a team who can communicate and change together. You do not want a team who has never practiced how to manage a massive hemorrhage. The PRONTOPack encourages teams to practice, practice, practice.

Please take a moment to watch this short tutorial video on the [ProntoPack](

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