ThermoSpot stick-on reusable thermoindicators for newborn-- set of 25

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The ThermoSpot is a non-invasive hypothermia indicator for infants. It is a single 12 mm flexible plastic disc that sticks directly onto the skin and can remain on for as long as 7-10 days. It is for use in a facility by a clinician, by a community health worker or by a parent. The device changes color when the baby's core body temperature changes, allowing it to be understood even by a non-literate parent. When it is black the child has severe hypothermia. Note that the device has been tested in Malawi, Nepal and India. The simple device comes in a strip of 5. Five strips of 5 are in each pack. Each thermometer is actually re-usable once it is washed with soapy water making it extremely cost-effective. The inventor of the device is currently pursuing CE marking.

This slide-out tin package keeps the thermometer protected from sunlight and comes with very detailed instructions.

The Problem

Hypothermia in Infants. WHO RHL Library
"In under-resourced settings in low- and middle-income countries, hypothermia at birth is one of the most important risk factors for morbidity and mortality in newborn infants of all birth weights and gestational ages."
"Prevention and management of hypothermia is one of the key interventions for reducing neonatal mortality and morbidity. According to UNICEF, such interventions can help reduce neonatal mortality or morbidity by 18%–42%"

To Order

If you are interested in larger volumes the price reduces sharply. Please contact us for custom orders. In addition, we are developing a pack that includes surgical tape to reattach thermometers and alcohol wipes to clean the infant's skin.

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