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father aldo \ mozambique | obstetric fistula
November 28, 2012

By: Vincenzina Santoro
Ed: Lizi Jones

Obstetric fistula is a malady that is virtually unknown in the developed world, but which destroys the human existence of many women in very poor countries around the world. It is a condition that afflicts mainly very young women who become pregnant and have had poor pre-and post-partum care – or none at all – when facing a difficult delivery. Most victims are young girls who are raped or forced into unwanted marriages even as pre-teenagers whose premature bodies are not fully capable of childbearing.

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November 26, 2012

By A.E.Cote

It wasn’t all that long ago when Michael J Silverstein and Kate Sayre lifted the veil on the world greatest emerging market: Women and the 'Female Economy'. Ladies represent the bulk of the buying power and consumer influence, yet businesses continue to market to men. Why does this continue to be the case a full three years after the original date of publication? Surely it’s not overly controversial and didn’t drop the collective jaw. The Harvard Business Review is renowned as a leader in identifying predictive business trends. When something this revolutionary is identified, you can count on a couple of undisputed truths:

The world is terrified of strong women.

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November 19, 2012

By: A.E.Cote

Most of us in America are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday, November 22. We’re polishing the silver, and setting up the dreaded ‘kids table’ in the living room. But there’s an equally important yes lesser known holiday that deserves some press. Today Monday, November 19th is World Toilet Day! Yes, when biology and holidays collide, we all have a lot to be thankful for.

So why a holiday to stop and reflect on the engineering marvel that is the toilet? Plushy seats aside, it’s true that nearly 2.5 billion people do not have access to something most of us take for granted. It’s easy to see why we’d be alarmed with this. As a matter of fact, here’s some incredibly terrifying toilet trivia:

Odon | obstructed labor | Saving lives at birth | Odon device
November 16, 2012

A highlight of #UN Week for our team was getting the chance to meet the inventor of the Odón device. When entrepreneurs pitch an idea about a great story or a moment of inspiration for a groundbreaking technology, bets and tricks with friends aren't usually cited as aha moments. Often it's your usual bar or coffee shop sketch on the napkin scenario. But in Jorge Ernesto Odón's case inspiration came in the form of a bet--with buddies. He is from Argentina, and a car mechanic by training--their trick? How to get a cork out from inside a wine bottle without breaking the bottle? It has to be one of the best stories ever in global health innovation. That was in 2005.

Grounds for Health | cervical cancer | VIA cervical |
November 06, 2012

By: Lizi Jones

A handful of clever, caffeinated Americans have put into action the coffee-addict’s daily mantra: coffee can, in fact, help save the world. Grounds for Health is a women’s health organization focused on engaging coffee consumers, companies, and cooperatives around the world in a collective battle against the highly preventable, yet rampant-in-the-developing-world, blight of cervical cancer.

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