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The term ‘Laj’ is used by Nepalese women when they speak about their expected attitude and actions surrounding pregnancy. To demonstrate how deeply felt this principle is, Nepalese women will often leave the home and deliver their baby with no outside assistance. Amazingly enough, women are also taught to suppress their cries of labor pains, and stifle screams that normally would accompany any contractions under typical circumstance. The women can be so intent on preserving their honor that they fail to seek help until complications – often life threatening for mom and baby – have arisen.
The sharps disposal device invented by Han Pham is not only a great device, it has a powerful story behind it. We've been waiting to tell the story for a while! The Yellowone cap was one of the first ten devices featured on the Maternova Innovation Index and as part of that early set it was inspiring to us. At the time we discovered the device it was stuck at a stage that hinders so many entrepreneurial designers-- Han Pham had won a design challenge but could not find a manufacturer who would make fewer than 10,000 at a time. Her design was even [featured in a 2005 MOMA exhibit](
January 21, 2013 marks the celebration of Martin Luther King Day in the United States. A visionary whose time was cut short by the madness he was working to eliminate. Dr. King was more than an evangelist for our time. He saw equality, opportunity, and peace as our most basic set of human rights. On April 4, 1968 the man died, but his words and hopes have continued to inspire global citizens determined to realize his dream nearly four decades later.
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In recent weeks, the news feeds have been flooded with reports of especially heinous crimes against women. Groups mobilizing globally, and in some cases unusually [( bravo gentlemen!)]( ) in an effort to demand action are lifting their voices in pursuit of a common goal; an end to the violence.
We pause at the start of 2013 to reiterate what drives us in what we do. As you may well know, Maternova is building an online marketplace for technologies and protocols that save the lives of mothers and newborns. We want to remove epic layers of red tape to make it easy for clinicians and researchers to access life-saving technologies. We'd like to make it as easy as click and ship.
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