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The State of the World's Midwives 2014: Investing in Midwives Yields a 16 fold return in the Community

A few weeks ago we said that the State of the World's Mothers was in our view the most important global report around. Well, we didn't lie, but a tie for 'most important' would have to include the State of the World' Midwives. This report was launched for the first time in 2011, and this second edition, the 2014 report, saw considerable publicity associated with the Triennial International Conference of Midwives in Prague.

Since 2011, the report does take note of tangible positive changes that have occurred, including the following:

-33 of the 73 countries (45%) report vigorous attempts to improve workforce retention
in remote areas;
-20 countries (28%) have started to increase recruitment and deployment of midwives;

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