Calibrated obstetric drape

calibrated drape, obstetric drape, BRASSS-v
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This calibrated under-buttock drape folds out into a large sterile surface for delivery. The device allows for blood to be swept into a large calibrated pouch that indicates when the danger points have been reached (500 mL is the official definition for a postpartum hemorrhage). The obstetric drape comes in sterile packaging and folds out to a 1x1 meter sterile area for a woman to give birth. At the bottom of the sterile area is a pouch that holds more than 2500 mL of fluid, allowing for accurate measurement of postpartum blood loss. The pouch itself also includes a flexible plastic filter to ‘catch’ material that is not liquid.

This version of the obstetric drape starts at 50mL measurements of postpartum blood loss for extremely accurate measurements for research and other purposes. We have a sterile and a non-sterile version of the drape.

Sterile drapes are priced at $3.70 a piece.

If you are ordering large quantities of the drape we can offer steep discounts! Please contact

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