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**Reprinted with permission from our friends at the Wellbeing Foundation Africa. In a unique effort to educate and empower health workers in Kwara State, Nigeria, and in furtherance of its long-standing commitment to the improvement of maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) indices in Africa, the Wellbeing Foundation partnered with the Flight for Every Mother (FEM) project to facilitate an on-site medical training program aimed at aiding African countries such as Nigeria to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 before 2015.
In the second installment of Maternova's feature on the low-cost highly effective ProntoPack Birth Simulator Kit, join us in learning additional information about where the innovation is helping train birth attendants, midwifes, and healthcare workers in safer birth practices. **We also know that this system has been used at academic institutions in the United States... can you tell us more?** The PRONTOPack and PartoPants are fundamental parts of emergency obstetric and team training at a variety of large US academic institutions and hospitals including the University of Washington, the University of Utah, UCSF and the University of Maryland.
[The UNFPA indicates there is a dire shortage of trained midwifes globally. The estimated number reflecting a shortage of workers skilled in safe labor and delivery is staggering at nearly 350,000.]( Over the next ten years, we'll need to work together to give these selfless heroines the skills they need to ensure mom and baby thrive during and after birth. With obstacles in the way including a lack of appropriate training tools, what's a person to do? If you're a highly innovative team based out of the University of Washington, you develop the PRONTOPack. We had the chance to ask for the story behind the innovation. This is what they have to say.
Reprinted with Permission, COHI, 2014 Imagine if your mother had been alone or without the necessary supplies to bring you safely into this world. Honor your mom this holiday with a donation that will help another mother and baby survive their delivery. Circle of Health International (COHI) is partnering with Maternova to create a unique crowd-funding supply drive on Crowdrise. You get to a choose a donation amount that will provide life-saving tools from Matrenova that will be sent to COHI to use for the next disaster response effort. COHI will mail your mom a Mother’s Day card on your behalf letting her know that you've made this life giving supply purchase in her name. Flowers will wilt but a mother's love never fades…
What is one of the first interventions we perform on a normal birth? What is so 'normal' that we don't even think of it as an intervention? Cutting the cord! Dr. Greene is asking questions about this intervention... what is the evidence for immediate cord clamping? Here is a Twitter record of a Twitter chat last night on the case for delayed cord clamping. At the moment of birth one-third of the baby's blood is still in the umbilical cord or placenta. What are the potential negative effects of cutting the cord immediately? Read this rather sobering exchange to follow and then take ACTION by spreading the word. RT @DrGreene: Interventions should have evidence! No evidence for first intervention - immediate stopping baby’s normal flow! #LTKH
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