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[The Parenting map]( developed by Project HOPE is like a visual checklist for each child in a household. The checklist was developed as a low-literacy tool for use by volunteer health workers visiting households and assessing the well-being of multiple children. The purpose of the tool is to determine which areas are going well and which areas need improvement. The initial studies in Namibia and Mozambique report that the checklist was well-accepted by caregivers and
At the #HealthFOO unconference this past weekend, one presentation officially blew my mind. For an organization that studies technology, it's important to remember that often simply NOT acting is actually in the patient's interest. For example, one of my first conversations was with Paul Levy, former CEO of Beth Israel Hospital. He told me about a intervention by [Intermountain Health in Utah to reduce the number of c-sections before 39 weeks]( Essentially they put in place a protocol to prevent c-sections before 39 weeks unless absolutely medically necessary, and due to this additional waiting time reduced costs and improved health.
Millennium Development Goal 5 sets out to [“Improve Maternal Health”]( by 2015. To track progress on this target, researchers rely on maternal mortality ratios and rates of skilled birth attendance as indicators.
Maternova and Culture Baby have partnered in a creative way to make a newborn's entry into the world connect even more closely with the rest of the globe. Natalia Rankine Galloway is the Founder of [Culture Baby]( After the birth of her first baby she felt very acutely the good fortune she had to give birth supported by skilled care. She also wanted to create a business that directly connected the birth of a new baby to something bigger--a lot bigger- to a global consciousness. Natalia's products are sourced from artisans all around the world--she finds beautiful hand crafted baby goods that are actually part of traditional cultures (rather than say a plastic cup with an ikat print)!
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The bulb syringe is a part of many U.S. parents' armamentorium of infant supplies, but in other hands it can be truly a life saver. In order to improve birth outcomes, many organizations have designed clean birth kits containing supplies and instructions to help birth attendants prevent infection. However, many “next-generation kits” are in the works to help manage other post-delivery complications impacting mothers and newborns. One such enhanced birth kit was tested in Zambia by Dr. Christopher Gill—the first we’ve seen that has incorporated the bulb syringe for use by traditional birth attendants (TBAs).
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