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Millennium Development Goal 5 sets out to [“Improve Maternal Health”]( by 2015. To track progress on this target, researchers rely on maternal mortality ratios and rates of skilled birth attendance as indicators.
Maternova and Culture Baby have partnered in a creative way to make a newborn's entry into the world connect even more closely with the rest of the globe. Natalia Rankine Galloway is the Founder of [Culture Baby]( After the birth of her first baby she felt very acutely the good fortune she had to give birth supported by skilled care. She also wanted to create a business that directly connected the birth of a new baby to something bigger--a lot bigger- to a global consciousness. Natalia's products are sourced from artisans all around the world--she finds beautiful hand crafted baby goods that are actually part of traditional cultures (rather than say a plastic cup with an ikat print)!
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The bulb syringe is a part of many U.S. parents' armamentorium of infant supplies, but in other hands it can be truly a life saver. In order to improve birth outcomes, many organizations have designed clean birth kits containing supplies and instructions to help birth attendants prevent infection. However, many “next-generation kits” are in the works to help manage other post-delivery complications impacting mothers and newborns. One such enhanced birth kit was tested in Zambia by Dr. Christopher Gill—the first we’ve seen that has incorporated the bulb syringe for use by traditional birth attendants (TBAs).
When we came across this unique take on the clean birth kit we were really impressed--anything that puts a unique, positive spin on creating a safer birth is very welcome! This Tibetan birth kit combines 'how to' images and actual implements in a beautiful box meant to be given as a wedding gift. The RISD team rebranded the concept of birth kit as 'sanitary item' into wedding gift. To be clear, this birth kit was only taken through the prototype stage and is not available anywhere for purchase (yet). Kathleen O'Donnell, Soomi Lee and Esther An worked on this project as part of a RISD course in 2010 for a studio class titled "Design for Social Entrepreneurship" taught by Sloan Kulper. We interviewed Kathleen O'Donnell to find out more.
Sometimes, the answer to severe hemorrhage turns out to be not a device or gadget, but an innovative surgical technique--in this case the B-Lynch suture. Over 100,000 women die of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) each year, accounting for 35% of all maternal deaths. An estimated [90%]( of these cases are caused when the uterus is unable to adequately contract after childbirth (uterine atony).
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