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April 11, 2011

The leading preventable cause of death on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan is hemorrhage. And the leading cause of death on the frontlines of the effort to save mothers in childbirth is also hemorrhage. We follow all angles from transport to the LifeWrap to new drugs and devices that might save women's lives. But in the next series of blogs we will look at the military for inspiration. It makes perfect sense; They are spending millions to save men and women from dying of blood loss and where possible those lessons should transfer to women in childbirth.

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March 29, 2011

As we struggle with shipping costs of paper based training modules, we can't help but think about the power (and featherlike weight) of film as a training medium. Medical Aid Films (MAF) was founded by two obstetricians from University College London (UCL), Professor Eric Jauniaux and Dr Natalie Greenwold, and Fiona Laird, a midwife who is now Head of Midwifery at the North Middlesex University Hospital (UK). A supporter of Medical Aid Films, Gurinder Chadha, says “Using film to convey medical messages is essential in today’s world. One film made in a matter of days can be sent out to millions of people and can affect millions of people’s lives.”

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March 08, 2011

The news that Al Jazeera English is launching a set of eight short films on maternal health called "Birthrights" got us thinking about all of the recent films on maternal health in the last four years. We're focusing mainly on feature length films rather than the strictly educational or PSA-type films. Tell us what we're missing and which films inspired you the most.

*Motherland Afghanistan Shown on Independent Lens. Writer/director Sedika Mojadidi follows her father, Dr. Qudrat Mojadidi, into the chaotic reality of Afghanistan’s crippled health care system

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