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September 10, 2012, Maternova received some very exciting news! A call went out for a highly regarded business plan challenge from LivePlan by PaloAlto Software. The Oregon based industry leader challenged start-up companies nationwide to submit their vision using a highly intuitive new software LivePlan. With over two-hundred qualified entries, this was competition at a fever pitch. The judges of the competition would inspire awe in any entrepreneur: Guy Kawasaki, Diane Fraiman, Tim Berry, Kristen Koh Goldstein, and John Jantsch are some of the most esteemed minds in the business world. We cannot thank them enough for their vote, and their confidence in our mission.
This post addresses three reasons why investing in global health technology startup companies is a good idea. It is not meant to denigrate non-profits and universities, for there are non-profits, large and small, that do phenomenal work across the globe. In fact their stellar programs, policies, research and pilots are the evidence base around which much of the swirl of innovation in this area circles. But having collectively spent a great deal of time in the worlds of academia and non-profits, there are some advantages to startup companies that are well worth highlighting. There are at least three good reasons why startups are a good idea for sparking and commercializing global health technologies:
Maternova: Using Technology & Innovation to End Maternal Death by Beth Pitts, Editor, August 31, 2012 A terrible fact: in the 21st century developing world, pregnancy remains a leading cause of death amongst women of childbearing age. One woman dies every 90 seconds in the context of trying to give life. In a country like Niger, this means 1 in 7 women will die 'a maternal death.' Mission-driven for-profit Maternova, the first global portal for innovation in global maternal and neonatal health, is looking to change shocking statistics such as these. With a focus on tools and protocols, Maternova makes it easy for doctors, nurses and midwives to track innovation and to buy technologies and kits to use overseas.
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By A.E.Cote : Last week Maternova asked our readers to tell us the people In their lives that inspire them. This was a loosely worded question on purpose, to allow for the most creative of answers! Could it have been an instructor who inspired you to change majors in college? Perhaps it was your favorite author? Sometimes it’s a colleague and mentor who galvanized your passion for saving lives. This is the case with Maternova’s first honoree in the Women Who Inspire Us series. Her name is Celeste Mergens and this remarkable woman is the Founder and Director of [Days for Girls](, headquartered in Washington State. Celeste was submitted by two colleagues, Deb Lund and Kayte Reagan.
Maternova is pleased to share the first of a 3 part blog series created by Medic Mobile. The Maternova Haemoglobin Colour Scale is one of the core supplies the team used recently in Bangladesh, as they focus on antenatal care and improving patient outcomes. By Nadim Mahmud and Priyanka Pathak of [Medic Mobile] ( Nadim is the organization’s Co-founder and Chief Research Officer. Priyanka is the Regional Director of South Asia.
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