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Go Ahead 'Make' Our Day...We Dare You!

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Maternova has long been a fan of the ingenious inventors who dream up innovative ways to repurpose everyday items for a purpose. When the purpose has a humanitarian benefit, that’s even more impressive. Wired Editor in Chief Chris Anderson sums it up nicely when he says this new movement has “democratized the means of production,” making it possible for anyone to be a builder or “maker.”

We’ve been tracking some great projects, and now we want to know yours! Help reach thousands of people every month with smarter ways to save lives. If it’s infant warming via Styrofoam, or stopping a postpartum hemorrhage using a condom and tubing, we just know there’s brilliant ideas no one has seen yet.

What’s in it for you? Aside from our deafeningly loud round of applause, you’ll be saving lives worldwide. From Tanzania, to Haiti, Ethiopia, to East Timor, your idea will make a lasting impact. We’ll show the world just how brilliant maternal health can be. Contact us to learn more and submit your idea!

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